Crash Cart!

I found this on Pinterest a few months ago and was inspired to make my own Liquor Cart! Image
You can find the original article at here.

Ok, so my Liquor Cart… here is the before shot.

I found this beauty on! It was originally white but the couple tried to paint it brown after a few kids. No matter. This was my first EVER upcycle/recycle/save it from a landfill project.  If I screwed it up, no love lost – it was FREE!  As I was deciding on paint colors, my 11 year old Mini Me says “Wait – what are you making?”
Me: “A Liquor Cart!”
Mini Me: “Isn’t that alcohol?”
Me: “Yes! Just like the one in the picture from Pinterest! I want to make it just like that!”
Mini me: “But then what are we gonna do with it, I mean you guys don’t even drink alcohol. Like, we don’t have alcohol in the house. I don’t get it.”

Doh! Everyone here is such a critic! Sheesh! Ok, time to rethink a new reason to justify why the Fabulous Husband had to pick it up across town in the rain…

So now I’m thinking Crash Cart! Like in the ER! When they have to jump start someone’s heart so they don’t die! You with me here?
So, no, we don’t have any near death subjects here but I DO have a tween (Mini Me) and 2 teenagers that come home STARVING (kinda like dying right?) and violate my kitchen everyday! I need something they can go to that doesn’t require me to cook anything, dishes to clean or refrigerators to be left open.  Oh and it has to be somewhat healthy. Drum roll please!



The kids loved it! 2 hours later – it was empty! Best of all: no after school house hurricane! Score!
Does this inspire you? Share your ideas below!


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