Vintage Drawer

One day while trolling craigslist I found someone who was giving away a few wood fence panels because they were putting up an iron gate. Are you kidding me?! FREE WOOD? I’m on it! I didn’t dare ask the Fabulous Husband to pick up this beat up wood fence because I knew he wouldn’t understand. I feel confident when I tell you that when it comes to my ideas he LACKS VISION. “Where do you want all this stuff for your projects?” “When can I park my car in the garage?” “Why is there a dresser with no drawers in the hallway for a week now?”  Come on! Lighten up! Always so tense!
So after I brought these panels home, my 17 year old Spitfire son happily skipped out of the house and offered to help me unload the car. (Sure dude). Once he was done and $10 later, he mysteriously disappeared! Turns out the wood was this beautiful soft cedar! I sanded it down and added some hardware to make it look like an old drawer. We made this especially for Mrs. Ferus because she is always encouraging me to sell my works. Her home is always fabulously decorated with terrific accent pieces from nearby boutiques.  We finished it off with a few of Mini Me’s delicious cupcakes and it made the perfect holiday gift!


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